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Development Direction of Mold Manufacturing

Release time:2020-07-23    Views:1066

With the development of economic globalization, Chinese market changes a lot; the developed countries call the "re-industrialization", using artificial intelligence, robotics, and digital manufacturing regain a competitive advantage in manufacturing. If China mold companies continue to rely on low-cost competition, it is difficult to maintain, and at the same time, because of applications of mold in various fields, requirements of the mold devices are increasing. Therefore, mold manufacturing needs technology innovation, unmanned machining is inexorable trend.

Also known as unmanned automation, currently it has been quite popular in foreign countries, especially in the automotive, home appliances, mold manufacturing and other fields. These production lines are almost operated byrobots,workers just stand beside to do some support operations. Some plastic parts production factoriesare in complete automation process.

At present, mold manufacturing is turn towards to less humanism, unmanned machining direction. In a full-automation plant, one side, the production order and raw materials input, through products design, process design, manufacturing, processing, testing and packaging, and final products output in the other side of the plant. All worksare done by computer-controlled robots, CNC machine, unmanned transport trolley and automated warehouse.

In the implementation of automation, it also brings another major value is to promote the standardization process. Customer requirements shorter lead time, increasingly shorter production process, increasing products accuracy, prices continue to drop, competition becomes global. To meet all these requirements, we must have greater flexibility, higher quality and higher productivity. In the long run, the suitable solution is automation; it would be a future development direction of mold manufacturing.




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